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Its been a while since I typed. I feel guilty about that, but have no gaming opinions right now that you need forced upon you.

So instead, I thought 'd intersperse with some games I play or have introduced to my kids that don't need special components or custom cards.

Spit is a "shedding" card game using a standard 54 card deck.

Its a game of speed.

A good summary of the rules is here:

Basically two players race to shed their cards onto two central piles. You may only see 5 of your cards at a time and may only play either 1 above or 1 below the top cards visible in the center piles. You have to watch what the other plays as well as managing your own cards.

What I love is two-fold.

1) The hovering and occasional breather, when you realize your opponent is stuck, or the equivalent torture when you are stuck until they play a card, but they then take that time to sort their visible cards and plan a next rush of cards.

2) At the end of a round, when one player finishes their cards, BOTH players can choose which central deck to take. Both players slap the central pile that is smallest. This means that even if you are losing, you still have that chance.

Spit. Try it. great game.

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