E island text.png

You are adventurers on an island collapsing into the sea. Move between tile stacks to find higher ground, uncover tools, or drive your opponents into the sea so you can be the last survivor.


UNIQUE shake-n-sort tile stacking

system builds a randomised island

in seconds.


SPECIAL game tiles

fall and slot into

each other to form

neat stacks.

EI board.png
ei pouring2.png

How to play

1 - pour the discs through the grid to form the island terrain.

2 - place your explorers

3 - move your explorers around the island - no more than 1 tile higher.

If you land on a "crack" then remove discs around where you landed.

If you land on a tool, then you can pick it up but then you must then play the disc underneath!

If you are in water and cannot get out then you are eliminated.


The video on the left is a quick sample game.

Or click below for the full rules!