Use a Racecar ruler to slide a car token around a racetrack!


Find the shortest, fastest route around specially designed racecourses.  Decide the best distance to move each turn while staying on the course!

Collect iconic cars and tracks to race.

Expand with collections:

Military vehicles, TV & movie classics,

Bond Cars, Wacky races, batmobiles...

Each car has a unique mix of

top speed, maximum

acceleration and braking.



How to play

Choose your car and start your engines!

Pick a car ruler and place your car token on the track behind the start line. 


Mark your desired "speed" for this turn on your ruler.  This is the distance you will slide your car along the ruler to where you want to go. The speed you choose must be somewhere less than your top speed

and within your previous speed plus acceleration or minus braking. 

As you slide, your car should never move off the track, even a little! Corner normally by changing the direction of the car by anything up to 90 degrees (a quarter rotation). Or use oversteer to drift drive by drifting forwards in the same direction as your previous turn at half that previous "speed" distance before turning by more than 90 degrees and taking the remainder of your "speed" distance in the new direction.

Crash off the track, crash into each other, pick up and use power ups!

First across the finish line wins!

Some Courses


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