Frisboules is...

...a game for 2 players, or 2 teams of up to 7 players each.


Take it in turns to throw discs, to land closest to the Jack with your team color face up. 


But watch out for the extra rules on the discs!


How do YOU throw?

Are you a skimmer? A slider? helicopter lander?  A wheelie roller?


how to play

Two teams throw discs in turn to end up with

                 their team color nearest the Jack disc.

       Extra rules on each disc add a little spice as you play.

      -Remove the Jacks, and the "Swap Team Colors" discs, then stack

      the Frisboule discs in a randomized pile.

     -Place 1 Jack halfway down the stack to mark the end of the round.

    -Place the second Jack on the ground and stand behind it.

    -Throw the last Jack as a target.

   -Throw the "Swap team Colors" disc as an alternative target if

   things are going badly for you!

  -Take turns to throw Frisboules at the target Jack!

  If your team color is face up when you take the next Frisboule from

  the stack, then you play the rule written on that disc!

 -Continue taking from the stack till you hit the marker Jack.

-The top Frisboule in the pile nearest the target Jack wins!