• Joost

Realities becoming real

The launch of Google’s Glass 2 and the acceleration of Augmented Reality games such as Minecraft Earth means that the world is finally catching up with the promise of a couple of years ago. Also Virtual worlds are beginning to evolve into genuine social experiences through applications like Rec Room.

Two years ago we saw the launch of a variety of Virtual and Augmented Reality devices, that seemed cool but unfinished – small fields of vision, low res displays, heavy and uncomfortable headsets, cables tethering you to a baseset.

There wasn’t really much content beyond showcasing applications that had some wow but got boring fairly quickly. But the buzz then showed producers that there is a market, and now we are beginning to see the second generation sets built on those learnings and games/experiences that deliver the sci-fi dreams of our youth.

Now comes the shift from Augmented Reality looking through your phone, to more genuine experiences.

The future is bright!

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