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Don't let the name put you off. Shithead, created by Gauthier Malzac in the not too distant past is great fun.

This is a beating game in which the players try to avoid being the last to get rid of all their cards. Rules are very well explained here:

In essence players must play cards equal or higher than the previous play from their hand of three cards, each time refilling their hand to three after playing. Twos and Tens reset the number. Tens also clear the discard pile (as do four of a kind). If you can't play, then you pick up all the cards in the center. You also have three face down cards which you play once the cards in your hand are all gone. The idea is to not be the last player - they are the Shithead and are abused as such by the other players until a new shithead is crowned.

Here is another article on the game:

Go on - give it a try.

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